Client Testimonials

  • Jim A.

    I was a 64 year old struggling to get back in shape on my own. With a bad back, I got cortisone shots twice a year and had a lot of down days. My neighbor introduced me to Michele and life quickly changed. In 18 months I've lost over 30 pounds and gained considerable strength and energy. Michele keeps me motivated, interested and doing the work the right way. I've still got a ways to go, but I know beyond doubt, she'll get me there.

  • Wendy K.

    Michele pushes me to stay focused and motivates to be my best!

  • Scarlet B.

    Thank you Michele for your dedication and positively enthusiastic personality! You make being healthy fun!! After gaining over 20 pounds and seeing my metabolism slow down, I attended Michele's diversified workout classes consistently for 7 months,and within 3 months I had lost over 20 pounds. Now I feel more endurance, strength, and overall health. This experience has helped me to truly love my body in its entirety. A good workout should be fun, interactive, engaging, challenging, strength building, and most importantly, gratifying; all of which Michele provides for her students. I love Michele's classes and I know that if that chocolate cake is calling my name, that I can have my workout and I can eat my cake too.


What is good FIT SENSE? Michele's approach to fitness includes age-appropriate exercise combined with form and strength training. Her energetic approach takes the nonsense out of fitness, guiding clients through a safe, practical, individualized method to fitnesst. Join Michele at the Santa Fe Spa or Las Campanas for training and fitness classes.